Bed and Breakfast in Mulege, Bahia Concepcion, BCS,Mexico
No. 1 Estero de Mulege
Mulege, BCS, 23900 Mexico
Teléfono (52)615 153 0688


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History, directions

History of the Casa


The name Casa Granada (Granada: Spanish for pomegranate) comes from a century old building on the same site, at the banks of the Mulege estuary. Sr. Saul Arnaut Salgado began construction on the new Casa Granada in 1990. He brought in grown Coconut Palms, Royal Palms, and Taco Palms to mix with the Date Palms already on the property. The property was purchased unfinished by Larry and Colene Matlock in 1999 in rundown and vandalized condition. Some 2.5 years in completion with the good work of Mulege contractor Efren Hernandez and design work by Larry and by Ralph Lane saw the Casa open in February, 2002 as a residence with a hotel section. The architecture is inspired by Classic Mexican and Spanish Colonial, mixed with some Hawaiian influences for the indoor-outdoor effect in this ocean breeze setting. European-Americans Lena and Kristian, walk-up guests on Christmas Day of 2003, were so impressed by Casa Granada, the village and people of Mulege, and the surroundings, that they became the new owners of Casa Granada.

Driving directions

Casa Granada is located south of Mulege. Driving Highway 1 please follow the white on blue signs to HOTEL SERENIDAD. At the Hotel compound turn left for 200 yards then right for 200 yards. We are at the corner where the road meets the river.



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